Alex Noll, owner of ABR, has been a BMW master technician for 12 years.

Before ABR Houston, Alex worked for a local dealership where he won multiple mechanics awards from BMW North America. At the dealership, Alex was a lead technician; and one of the best technicians in the country according to BMW N.A.

Heavy attention to detail is what made his high Customer Service Index rate and low comeback returns a success. His philosophy and attitude haven’t changed.

We bring attention to detail on EVERY car, and make sure you are completely satisfied before you leave. The dealer makes you a number, and who knows the skill set of resources at the dealer. We do our best to always treat you like you would want to be treated. Honesty, transparency, correctly.

Why Choose ABR Houston?
  • Only experienced BMW technicians will work on your vehicle.
  • Each one of our clients are treated with the highest level of respect and care.
  • Many things can be repaired or rebuilt vs. replaced.
  • Our reputation and reviews show we are the best in Houston for your service needs.


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  • If you want a top notch alternative to the high prices and aggravation of going to the dealership, I highly recommend Advanced BMW Repair.  If you only want to make one trip to get your car fixed, instead of several, this is place to go.  In a matter of minutes they were able to diagnose and repair my creaking suspension that had two other shops completely stumped.  They also changed out my sparkplugs for about half of what the "stealership" would have charged.  Thanks Alex and keep up the good work!

    Jennifer C.
    Houston, TX
  • I was looking for a shop and had many noob questions that Alex answered. He gave me good recommendations before I decided have my exhaust installed. Although, the exhaust didn't have a perfect fit Alex made it work.

    Jimmy M.
    Cypress, TX
  • I am probably one of the most discriminating consumers out there.  I am an engineer and very particular about my auto repair.  I fix everything unless I am just out of my league.  Well, I got stumped on a custom suspension  problem and went to see Alex at Advanced BMW Repair.  He solved it in 10 minutes, and I kicked myself.  He did a great job with a custom racing alignment on my E92 M3, so off to the track I go.  Skip the dealer, unless you are still under warranty, and use this independent BMW repair facility.  They also handle other European imports and exotics.  It was an hour drive for me each way but worth the drive.

    Scott L.
    League City, TX
  • Absolutely amazing!
    Alex was extremely helpful and within a couple of minutes solved my problem. He also answered all of my questions, explained, and recommend on what I could/should do. I plan on going back to Alex everytime I have a problem. I highly recommend any BMW to go see Alex at Advanced BMW Repair that needs work done properly and at a very reasonable cost. Appreciate the help Alex.

    Jose V.
    Houston, TX