ABR Houston’s Punisher series engines
N54 Open Deck Block

Our N54’s and other BMW engines can be custom built to your specs or needs. Each engine is hand built, with attention to detail to ensure the best quality build is available.

CNC Closed Deck Blocks

The block is set up on a custom built plate to hold it in a 5 axis CNC machine. We Machine the lip into the cylinder walls and block walls to accept our closed deck conversion insert. Warming the block up and freezing the insert, we press it in with about half a thousandths press. It’s permanently installed, and machined flat with the top of the block deck. This significantly strengthens the issue of an open deck block- where the tops of the cylinders will “wobble” or move under heavy load. By doing this, we’ve yet to see the limit of the block (so far). Typically we see an average oil and coolant temperature increase of 10-15 degrees due to the insert design (which is unavoidable). This is nothing to be concerned about, as most big engine builds will have an upgraded oil cooler and coolant system.
To show the difference- this is an open deck block, how the N54 came stock: This engine was a mild build with only JE pistons and head studs. Typically we recommend this on anything from completely stock daily drivers to about 550-600 rear wheel horsepower.

This is an N54 block in process of close deck conversion. The block is still dirty/not machined/honed or ready for assembly. The insert was pressed in but is “proud” sticking out of the block about .030” so when the top of the deck is machined flat, the transition is seamless.

Another batch of N54 engines going out to be close deck converted at the machine shop.

And this is a closed deck that is ready to go. Notice how only the difference in aluminum color is the only thing that differentiates them, and even that is difficult to see.

N54 Close Deck Conversion
Engine Batch
Finished Closed Deck Engine


ARP2000 material, no modification drop in.
Installation requires the camshafts to be removed/shifted out of the way, due to the nut and socket configuration. Because of this, please understand that cam timing and cam trays will have to be reinstalled- Watch the following video to understand cam tray’s and VANOS.

They can be installed in any N54 engine with a 4340 chromoly spacer, or during our engine builds without a spacer. They are a GREAT upgrade for any person wanting to push 20+ PSI and we highly recommend them on any engine other than completely stock engines.

Why are our head studs more expensive? The main reason is our head studs have 33% more thread engagement into the block vs. our competitors. Yes, their studs may be more attractively priced- but do you really want to skimp on the reason you’re using head studs in the first place? Get the right ones, the first time.

ABR Houston n54 punisher engine
Forged Pistons


These are custom pistons we order directly from JE or Wiseco (your choice)
Anyone worth their salt in the performance world knows about JE or Wiseco. They are the leaders in performance pistons. Custom low friction coating available!

*note* we cannot order pistons until we can ensure the honing process has been performed and is uniform to maintain proper piston to cylinder wall clearance.

JE turbo piston rings are used and are hand filed and fitted individually to each cylinder.

We’ll then install them on the piston, and mark them which cylinder they go into when you order them.

N54 3.1 Punisher Stroker engines:

  • All 3.1 Punisher strokers get ARP 2000 main studs.
  • Proprietary Oliver custom connecting rods (see below)
  • NASCAR rod bearings
  • Closed deck
  • Block work performed on a Sunnen CK10 honing machine with custom deck plate.
  • All engines balanced with .5 gram.
  • All components thoroughly checked and inspected.
  • Proprietary set up and custom made jigs to perform machine work, and assembly.
  • Rotating torque checked.
  • All fasteners marked after torqueing.


INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM I-beam E4340 Mill-certified aircraft quality, vacuum carbon-arc deoxidized, E4340 steel, meeting AMS 6415-M, AMS 2301-G and AMS 2304 specifications.
These rods are 100% made in America, not like others that use an imported forging and finish them here.

(This is NOT a bolt in application! Explained below)

We’re doing something truly custom here. These rods are special.
Special, in the fact that we use a performance rod bearing that can take some serious abuse, and get away from the expensive and problematic BMW bearings.
Factory rod bearings can take about 7,000 PSI of pressure before deforming.
The rod bearings we are using can take about 14,500 PSI of pressure.

Crankshaft customization at no extra charge:
De-stroke the crankshaft*
Stock stroke
Stroke the crankshaft*



  • Block work performed on a Sunnen CK10 honing machine with custom built deck plate
  • Cylinder head work performed on Sunnen valve machines
  • All engines balanced within .05 gram
  • All components thoroughly checked and inspected.
  • Proprietary set up and custom made jigs to perform machine work, and assembly.
  • Rotating torque checked.
  • All fasteners marked after torquing.



We offer 3 stages:

Stage 1:
Hot tanked and cleaned.
All ports physically run through
5 angle valve job
New valve guide seals
Valves are cut/ground/tipped and adjusted
Cylinder head surfaced.
This would be considered slightly over stock, since the multi angle job will dramatically change flow over stock angles.
We have this on our own loaner car. Come feel the difference!

Stage 2:
All of the above, plus intake port matching, smoothing and cleaning up.
All rough castings are cleaned up in the ports, attention is spent near the valves. This would be considered a “mild street” cylinder head.

With stock or upgraded turbos, this will be the best bang for your buck.

Stage 3:
All of the above, plus a full CNC port and polish job. Custom race angles and proprietary cuts are used with over 30 years of race engines being built and developed. Cylinder head is match flowed and optimized. This would be considered a “full race” cylinder head.

Our flow bench is very stingy, and it shows great results.

Why is there no CNC marks in the ports? Each head after CNC porting is then smoothed out so the port is smooth and “fast”. If the CNC marks are left, its not the smoothest- While it make look neat, it isn’t the best.

With this, we’ll also tap the air ports in the intake manifolds for future plugging, for venting to atmosphere if requested (and/or running an external custom PCV system).

Going to an external PCV system is recommend when going over 25PSI and the engine is suffering from excessive crank case pressures.

Ferrea Valvetrain is available!
We recommend Ferrea valvetrain on any performance head.
Want to go crazy and use beryllium valve seats?
We can do it, but it ain’t cheap!
Please contact us for a quote.

Nitrating and custom coating is available, please contact us.

We do more than just N54’s!
We can rebuild any BMW engine for that matter.

Here’s just a few engines we have built or repaired.
Just ask!

S65 M3
S85 M5
S54 M3
S55 M4/M3

Engine FAQ:

We don’t know the condition of the core you provide. We can obtain an engine at market value for a core if you need us to, or ship your engine in. The basics: It must have a good crank, rods, block, head, all internal accessories (oil pump/windage tray/vacuum pump, etc), and oil pan. If not, we’ll have to source them (which will be an additional cost)

Each engine is unique. Some clients want “extra credit” work done. New oil pump, installed turbo’s, installed injectors, new valve cover, etc.etc. This can VASTLY change the price. Just look at this one- it was practically a drop in. Built engine, new valve cover, turbos, inlets, high pressure pump, oil pan, injectors, and spark plugs.

We sure can!
Visit our Build Your Own N54 page and order one today!

Yes, we can supply a complete bottom end, ready to go but cannot sell the individual parts due to the extensive machine work needed.
Visit our Build Your Own N54 page to get started!

If there is a question of workmanship on the engine, we will stand behind it without a problem. We stand behind our products without question, but even a knucklehead can break a bowling ball with a sponge hammer. We’ve seen it firsthand! Because we cannot protect the engine from poor fuel, poor tuning or someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, it’d be impossible to warranty it. If we see signs of abuse (knocking/detonation/poor tuning) or poor judgement (overrev/misshift) we cannot warranty negligence. See warranty

Our engines start at 1999.95!

Really, it does make a difference to know your horsepower goal and budget. Typically that’s how we start every single conversation. Recent parts from BMW have SKYROCKETED some of the required parts in the engine, as well. A fully built engine ready to drop in can go well north of $10K. If you have specific needs, let us know.

Ok, so we get this a lot too. We have sponsored drivers and vehicles at ABR Houston, and they did it the right way. They presented a minimum season schedule of events they are going to, presented a reason for us to sponsor them, showed us the benefits and return on investment for the sponsorship and agreed to rules and terms that we set up to sponsor them. We then drew up a contract and off to the races, so to speak. If you’re interested in sponsorship, you better be ready like a job interview, and show us why.