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5 Easy Tips to Reduce Expenses on Automotive Repair in Spring, TX

Automotive Repair Spring TX

According to the American Automobile Association, an average American typically spends $0.09 per mile on vehicle repair and maintenance. That can easily surpass $1,000 per year – though the cost may vary depending on the age and model of your car. This is no small amount, so we are here to help drivers in Spring, TX, save on automotive repair and maintenance costs.


Our auto repair experts in ABR Houston share five easy but commonly overlooked car care tips. These may seem simple, but they can go a long way for the longevity and durability of your prized investment.

1. Follow the service schedule with your automotive repair specialist in Spring, TX.

Review the owner’s manual and follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer. Regular services typically include tire rotation, system inspection, and auto engine tune-ups. These can improve the overall performance, fuel economy, and stability of your vehicle.


Delaying your appointment to save money or simply because of negligence can result in unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. After all, you don’t want to find yourself stuck with a smoking car and frantically googling “automotive repair in Spring, TX” on your phone.

2. Keep an eye on your cabin temperature.

Driving in Spring, TX, can be very uncomfortable with a faulty air conditioner. Moreover, replacing the whole thing can hurt your wallet if it breaks down completely. Contact our automotive repair experts in Texas right away if your AC does not cool the cabin to your desired settings.


A Freon regassing service can likely resolve it without an expensive repair, but waiting longer can overwork and ruin your compressor. Replacement can set you back by around $1,000.

3. Don’t ignore vehicle vibrations when driving in Spring, TX.

Is your seat and steering wheel shaking when you drive? Vibrations may indicate wheel alignment issues or a damaged suspension system. Using your car in this condition exposes it to unnecessary strain and potential damages to the drivetrain. Our automotive repair experts in Spring can expertly perform suspension and alignment services for you.

4. Inspect your engine oil tank at least once a month.

Oil checks and replacement are easy to do but often neglected by drivers in Texas. Low oil levels can trigger your check engine light and increase the risks of overheating.


Determine whether your oil level is between the two markers on the dipstick every month. Similarly, you should take note of its color and purity. Fresh automotive oil is typically amber in color and has the consistency of olive oil. If it looks dark and contaminated, visit our automotive repair shop in Spring for an oil change service soon. ABR Houston has a wide selection of high-quality fossil engine oils and synthetic oils.

5. Be responsive to traffic signs and conditions.

Roads in Spring are generally well-maintained, but you should watch out for occasional bumps and potholes. We strongly recommend that you drive gently and observantly so you can react to stoplights and other traffic conditions. Do not slam on your brakes, and bring your vehicle to a complete stop before reversing. These can improve gas mileage and reduce your trips to an automotive repair shop in Texas.

Automotive Repair in Spring, TX

Do not ignore seemingly minor issues and performance dips with your car. Being proactive about auto repair and maintenance services can keep your precious investment reliable for a long time.

For all your car care needs, just call our experienced automotive technicians. Please schedule an appointment online or visit our repair shop at 17545 Kuykendahl Ste B, Spring, TX 77379.


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