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Yearly Archives: 2016

How to choose a great auto repair shop, part 5 of many

5. What you think things cost and what they actually cost. You need something done. Something fixed. Something you don't normally need worked on. The general person has a cost vs. quality perception that gives them the *general* idea of what something is going to cost.... I'd say I'm pretty good at guessing the cost of something.... or at least get myself in the ballpark. Then there are times where I'm either blown away or happily surprised verses the cost I thought it was going to be. Here's an example just in our experience. Building signs. You see signs everywhere. Buildings, store fronts, billboards. Painted, acrylic, Vinyl, wood, plastic, lighted, neon.... the material and design goes on and on. We recently wanted to refresh the building and started at looking for a company to replace our signs. I had an "idea" of what it would run me.... well a guess actually. Boy, was I wrong! The idea I had in my head was approximate labor and m ... read more

How to choose a great auto repair shop, part 4 of many.Warranty:

I'm of the type that enjoys a quality product and/or service. I'm different than most I suppose. I would rather spend more money on something once, than try to save money and possibly have to get it done/replaced again. Buy once, cry once I guess. That boils down to warranty in some cases. That's a tricky word. Warranty. It can be construed into multiple definitions..... But what does it actually mean? It can mean different things to different companies. Warranty for us is 3 years or 36,000 miles on most things we do. It's the longest warranty in Houston on BMW repairs. Longer than the dealer! (2 year/unlimited). We cover parts AND labor for our warranty repairs. We also have 2, 3 or 4 year warranties on batteries, and comes with free roadside assistance for jump starts as well. Some shops only warranty the parts, and you have to pay for the labor. Some shops offer a 2 year/24, 2 year/unlimited, 12/12..... or nothing at all. Extended warranties are even MORE tri ... read more

How to choose a great auto repair shop part 3 of many

3.TRAINING: The automotive arena of service and repair is rapidly changing at an alarming rate. Some shops are staying on top and most are not./p> An Example that I’d hope all shops could adhere to. Our technicians are required to get 8 hours every 6 months in training. Alex, the owner teaches other BMW shops technical training. We have the lastest BMW software and diagnosis equipment, that can talk and diagnose your current model vehicles. We have dealer level repair procedures and pay (a hefty sum!) for the independent side of the manufacturer’s information and programming website. We have new vehicles that we own as shop cars to familiarize ourselves with current technologies. While all this works well, its still difficult to find on bleeding edge material. It’s always a game to find the latest and greatest information. Top tier shops will be subscribed to the manufacturer’s independent website for up-to-date information and trainin ... read more

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