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Why is White Smoke Coming Out of My Car's Exhaust Pipe?

Why is White Smoke Coming Out of My Car's Exhaust Pipe?

We understand that seeing white smoke coming from your vehicle's exhaust pipe can be a cause for concern. It definitely doesn't seem to be normal and you haven't seen it happen before - so what does it indicate?  Your vehicle's exhaust pipe is where your vehicle's fumes are released. White smoke is not typical, however it doesn't necessarily always point to a major issue. Let's take a look at some of the common causes of white exhaust smoke and what steps you should take next.  Common causes for white exhaust smoke include:  Condensation - if it happens to be a cold day and you only see the "white" smoke upon vehicle start-up, you may just be seeing steam from condensation. If this is the case, the smoke will clear quickly and you won't have any other symptoms.    Coolant Leak - a coolant leak is a typical cause of white exhaust smoke. If there is a coolant leak, you may ... read more

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