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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Why is Fuel Efficiency Lower in the City?

You've seen it before - the fuel efficiency estimations for a vehicle, indicating that you get way better gas mileage driving highway than in the city. Most vehicle drivers understand this fact, but do you know why fuel efficiency is lower in the city?   You may have thought about it, and wondered why you get better fuel efficiency when you are driving faster (on the highway) rather than slower in the city. The truth is, when you drive in the city where there are streetlights, stop signs, and lots of traffic, it puts a toll on your vehicle's engine. When you are constantly accelerating and decelerating, your vehicle's engine is working harder to move your vehicle. This requires more gas and therefore gives you a lower gas mileage.  When you drive highway, you are usually driving at a more consistent speed and not slowing or accelerating as frequently. This requires much less effort from your vehicle, which is why you probably get significantly better fuel e ... read more

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