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Monthly Archives: March 2016

How to choose a great auto repair shop part 2 of many

2. EXPERIENCE: It’s hard to be good at everything, right? Professionals across the board specialize in certain areas, and try to focus on one thing. Why? Because there’s a lot to know! That’s why we specialize in BMW’s. Other shops may specialize in other makes. Although it can be harder to weed out, finding a shop that knows YOUR type of car well can make the difference between your car lasting 100,000 miles or 200,000+ miles before being retired. It’s also the experience you’re paying for that may say: “This issue may turn very expensive in 6 months. We need to prepare for it now, or determine how committed you are to this vehicle.” You’re paying for that experience that gives you a small window into the future to prepare for a repair or avoid it all together. I hate emergencies. I’m sure you do too. If your doctor during a normal checkup saw some signs of cancer, I’m sure you’d want to be aware ... read more

How to choose a great auto repair shop part 1 of many

1. Choosing a shop: IF YOU ARE READING THIS, IT APPLIES TO YOU, YOUR WIFE AND YOUR FRIENDS! Your car is out of warranty. You moved. You bought a used car without warranty. The last place you took your car to treated you badly. There are lots of reasons you have to find another shop. Conversely there are shops, and there are professional top tier shops. Doctors, lawyers and mechanics are always on the hit list for scammers and bad work. I want to help you not get bit by some knuckle dragging “mechanic”. Let’s be real here folks, I constantly have to apologize for my profession. 1. Online presence and reviews: Oh, what a double edged sword the internet can be.... Let this sink in. 60 years ago, if you showed someone a hand held device that could access the information gathered across the entire world, they’d think you’re nuts. Google and Yelp (among others) are currently the top online sites for reviewing automotive se ... read more

It Is Not Illegal To Sell An Unsafe Used Car - The Podcast

It Is Not Illegal To Sell An Unsafe Used Car - The Podcast

The most perplexing call I get regularly is from the recent used car buyer who says, “The car I just bought is unsafe and the seller won’t refund my money!” I have to explain that there is nothing a lawyer can do for them: There are no laws against the simple act of selling an unsafe used car. I understand that there are a couple of states that require safety inspections on some vehicles and if those cars fail the inspection after a sale takes place there might be some ramifications. But generally speaking, there is nothing wrong legally with the simple act of selling someone an unsafe used car. Why do people think there is such a law? People wish there was and it seems like it makes a little sense. And the law almost goes there. In most states, a car sold with an implied warranty of merchantability is presumed to be safe and reliable transportation. But most states allow for the seller to disc ... read more

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