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How to choose a great auto repair shop part 1 of many

1. Choosing a shop:


Your car is out of warranty. You moved. You bought a used car without warranty. The last place you took your car to treated you badly. There are lots of reasons you have to find another shop. Conversely there are shops, and there are professional top tier shops. Doctors, lawyers and mechanics are always on the hit list for scammers and bad work.

I want to help you not get bit by some knuckle dragging “mechanic”.

Let’s be real here folks, I constantly have to apologize for my profession.

1. Online presence and reviews: Oh, what a double edged sword the internet can be....

Let this sink in. 60 years ago, if you showed someone a hand held device that could access the information gathered across the entire world, they’d think you’re nuts. Google and Yelp (among others) are currently the top online sites for reviewing automotive service shops. Angie’s list, Repair Pal, Openbay and other mirrored review sites don’t have much pull like the two big ones. Google and Yelp. Google and Yelp. You just can’t ignore those two places. If the shop you’re thinking about trying out isn’t on those two review sites and/or it’s not claimed or managed/updated within the last month.... buyer beware. They either are so good they don’t need to advertise (sorry, not happening) or they are still in the stone age. Unless you’re driving a 1962 Volkswagen Beetle, you’re going to need your shop engrossed in modern day technology. Typically whether the shop manages the reviews or not- if someone is happy or mad enough they’ll make it for them lol. It’s always a solid choice to look at the good and glance at the bad. Bad reviews don’t necessarily mean they are legitimately bad; but how the business handles that bad review should be what you look for. A quote that always sticks with me on this type of situation is:

You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches. Dita Von Teese

Search around online for their name. Do a quick google search. Check out some enthusiast forms, if you’re into that type of thing. Go into some local or enthusiast social media groups like Facebook and ask around. Do your research online and see what others are saying. You know you’re on to something if the same shop is echoed multiple times..... good OR bad.

So, that wraps up part one on finding a quality shop to service your vehicle.

-Alex Noll

Owner of ABR Houston


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