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How to Extend Your Car’s Life in Spring, TX – Auto Mechanics Near Me

Auto Mechanics Near Me

Like most people, your car is one of your most valuable possessions, probably second only to your home. Obviously, you want to maximize your investment and make your vehicle last as long as possible.


To help you get the most out of your car, our auto mechanics at ABR Houston in Spring, TX, share advice on how to keep your vehicle in its best condition for a long time and extend your car’s lifespan. 

1. Follow the maintenance schedule.

All vehicles, regardless of their model or make, require maintenance services at certain intervals. These intervals are usually at 30,000-miles for major maintenance appointments, but this number may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Most auto mechanics strongly recommend not to skip these services. Yes, you will have to spend money on maintenance, but they are worth it. These services will benefit the most crucial parts of your vehicle (think transmission, engine, suspension, and the like). Ignoring your car's maintenance schedule to save a few bucks can do more harm than good. It may lead to a damaged engine and even more expensive repairs.

2. Change your oil regularly.

The rule of thumb for oil changes is every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever happens first. It might be tempting to go 4,000 or even 7,000 miles before an oil change, but a simple oil change is insurance against engine damage (an expense that can cost upward of $1,000).


Remember that time is also a factor in oil changes, not just mileage. This is because conventional oil loses its viscosity after a while, even if the engine doesn’t see much use.


If you can afford it, consider using high-quality synthetic oils. They usually cost more than conventional oils, but they last longer and are eventually cheaper in the long run.

3. Monitor your car tire pressure.

Maintaining proper tire pressure is one of the most effective ways to maximize the life of your vehicle. Incorrect tire pressure speeds up wear and tear in the tire.


Overinflated tires also cause bumpier rides due to less traction, which puts a lot of stress on your car’s suspension. Meanwhile, underinflated tires increase fuel consumption.

4. Protect your vehicle from the elements.

Always park your car inside a garage whenever possible. This is especially important for those who live in harsher climates. Leaving your vehicle constantly outside in Spring, TX, can fade the exterior paint and wear down the dash and trim fast. On the other hand, extreme cold increases the risk of rust and can damage internal engine components.


Always wash and wax your car regularly. Fix scratches and dents as soon as they appear. Before winter arrives, make sure to undercoat your car to prevent salt build-up.

5. Drive carefully.

Driving carefully on Texas roads is a sure-fire way to extend your car’s longevity. This means being more mindful of your driving habits. Things like not leaving your car idling to warm it up or accelerating slowly at the start of a drive can really help your car in the long run.

Auto Mechanics Near Me

When it comes to extending your car's life, prevention always outweighs the cure. For more car repair and maintenance know-how, visit our auto mechanics at ABR Houston. We are located at 17545 Kuykendahl Ste B, Spring, TX 77379. We are here to help from 8 AM to 6 PM, Mondays through Fridays. You may also book an appointment online.


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