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How To Keep Your Audi in Top Shape During the Fall Season

How To Keep Your Audi in Top Shape During the Fall Season

Audi’s are finely tuned machines that leave no room for car owners to tinker with them on their own. This is why you need an Audi Auto Repair Shop Spring TX to ensure that your engine is in perfect shape all year round.  When the leaves are starting to fall, you know that the Fall season has arrived in Spring, Texas. Fall is a season where we can enjoy moderate temperatures as we look forward to the coming winter season. Making sure that your Audi is ready for the change in season is a good idea, who knows fall might start slow and moderate but can quickly give way to occasional lousy weather. The Fall season may be the best time for you to catch up with regular repair and services you have been putting off for your Audi.  Here are areas to inspect to ensure a hassle-free winter with your European vehicle. Oil Change Audi owners will agree that your engine oil is the lifeblood of your German car. In hot weather, the oil keeps high friction components cooler by lubr ... read more

Auto technicians are in high demand- which may mean more expensive vehicle repairs

A national shortage of auto technicians may make it more expensive to get your car fixed. The Colorado Department of Labor estimates the demand for auto technicians in the state will increase by 12.5 percent over the next nine years; an overall increase of about 1,500 jobs. "I've had a b-tech position open for over two years," Marc Zandell, owner of Golden Triangle Auto Care said. "We use Indeed, we use Craigslist. I even tell my parts vendors that if they bring somebody to me, I'll give them 300 dollars." Zandell says finding younger employees who are qualified has been a challenge. "The industry is aging, most of the good techs are on the older side," Zandell said. "A lot of kids coming out of high school today, we want to work on computers... You're still working on computers, but it's not at a bench. It's under a car." According to the Colorado Department of Labor, the average master technician salary in 2017 was ... read more

2019 and the future

A message from Alex, the owner- 2018 is behind us (well, maybe except for a few bills and loose ends from December) and 2019 is already here. I wonder to myself sometimes- "What will the next year bring us?" Its always a mystery to me on how it will unfold. 2018 was quite interesting. The next thing that comes to mind is "What can we do better?" This is where you come in. I want to know. Good or bad, I want to know. What can we do better to serve you going forward? Email me directly at [email protected] IF you think we have room for improvement, please tell me. IF you think we deserve Kudos, please tell me. IF you think there is something that we could do for you in 2019 that would make your friends or family come see us, please tell me. We'll keep doing our very best, providing the best service, handling our clients with exceptional service, and providing the longest warranty. Here's some things we've done to bring more value to our client ... read more

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