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Car totaled on mechanic's test drive: Who pays for the damage?

In my opinion, this goes back to what shop you're bringing your vehicle to. Are they fly by night? Do they have a nice facility? Do they have insurance? These are all questions that should be thought of when bringing your vehicle to a repair facility.  In a case like ours, we carry professional shop insurance to cover our clients and our employees. Remember- this is directly in relationship to overall cost as well! You'd go nuts if you'd hear how expensive liability insurance is for an auto shop. Yes, you may find someone cheaper to do the job- but that doesn't mean they'll take care of you at the end of the day if something like this happens. Are you willing to take the risk vs the reward? I know I play my cards safe- I have too many employees to worry about being underinsured- and I value my clients too much to take risks like this.  At the end of the day Titan should've taken care of this. At the bare minimum covered Hanson's de ... read more

ABR Houston gives away FREE BRAKES in exchange for toys

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  CONTACT: 832-797-9114 FREE BRAKES “Toys for Tots” ABR Houston offers free brakes to support the Marine Corps “Toys For Tots” (Spring, Texas) In an effort to help the local Marine Corps “Toys For Tots” program this holiday season, owners and employees of ABR Houston in Spring Texas will give you FREE BRAKE PADS (November 1st through December 1st) when you bring in new, unwrapped toys. According to Alex Noll, owner of ABR Houston, Spring’s leading German repair facility, “This will be our fifth year working with the Marine Corps to collect toys for children who would otherwise do without. I’ve had multiple veterans work for me, along with a Sister-in-law in the Marines, and we have decided to dedicate our time and resources to this worthy cause. Our clients are excited about it and so are we.” FREE BRAKES will be offered to anyone with a toy for the Marines program, along with a Free inspection &ld ... read more

The new Supra..... a BMW in Toyota's clothing

The new Supra..... a BMW in Toyota's clothing

Details on the new Toyota Supra have been trickling out seemingly forever, to the point where a leaked parts catalog pretty much shows off the whole car. But that parts catalog tells us a lot about the car’s internals, including a ton of new details about its BMW engine. The catalog reveals the Supra is still very much a BMW parts bin car. The Supra will offer engine options that are similar to the Z4 but many believed that they would be customized to some extent. According to the catalog, the 3.0-liter turbo inline-six Supra engine will ac ... read more

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