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Why is your BMW running rough?-Car Shop near me

Car Shop Near Me - BMW Repair

When is the time that you need an urgent visit to a car shop?

BMWs are well known as the “ultimate driving machine,” which means that performance and stamina make them stand out from the rest. That is why it can be unusual for you to experience performance issues such as rough running. Whenever you experience this, it’s time to bring your car to the right BMW car shop to have it diagnosed properly. Engine Stalling and rough running can be annoying, especially at times of emergency or whenever you’re in the middle of a busy road, finding the right BMW repair service is important.

Common Causes why your BMW is running rough

There can be a lot of possible causes for why your car’s performance is slowly degrading. Rough running is just one of the signs of degradation. Here are some common causes on why your vehicle is rough running:

Spark Plug Failure

BMWs are dependent on high-quality spark plugs. A spark plug is an important part of the ignition process. Your spark plug’s condition is crucial in your BMW’s performance. Older BMW models are at high risk of spark plug failure or degradation, so it is crucial to monitor their condition.

Tire Problems

The number one reason decreasing your BMW’s performance is your tire’s health. It can also lower your fuel efficiency. Tire problems such as misalignment, unbalanced wheels, low tire pressure, and low tire tread can affect your car’s performance.

Fuel Injector Problems

If your fuel is not distributed evenly to the combustion chamber on time, it can cause engine stalling such as rough running, misfiring, and poor acceleration. Fuel injector problems can be classified as dirty, clogged, and faulty. 

Electrical Problems

Modern vehicles have an electrical system to oversee the whole performance of your car. If the wires connecting through the system will not communicate, it can cause your vehicle’s performance.

How does a regular maintenance schedule affect your BMW’s performance? - Car Shop near me

Proper care of your BMW takes effort, time, and funds. But, ignoring maintenance for your car can mean more cost when your car breaks down. Giving your vehicle a routine of maintenance schedules does more than bringing in your car whenever a problem arises. Car maintenance is your way to prevent severe vehicle problems. At ABR Houston, we understand that your BMW is your most prized possession, and we’re here to help your car stay in the best shape possible.

Get expert help from the best car shop.

Many factors are affecting your vehicle’s performance. You can have many guesses on why your car is running rough or why it is not doing well. Guess no more! We at ABR Houston knows exactly what your BMW needs. Our mechanics are certified and experienced technicians. If you are near Spring, Texas, and you’re looking for the right team of professionals to do your BMW’s maintenance and other car repairs, you can call us at (832) 403-3906 can book your appointment on our website.


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