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Why is your Car Leaking Oil? – Get Oil Leak Repair in Spring, TX near Houston


Cars often have problems with oil leaks. Several car owners get shocked when they see a pool of oil under their vehicle. It is unnerving to see drops of oil on the floor. Never ignore an oil leak because it may be due to a big car issue. What do you need to do? Find a car specialist that offers oil leak repair in Spring, TX near Houston. An expert auto mechanic will identify the cause of the oil leak.

Why is your Car Leaking Oil?

There are many reasons why your vehicle is leaking oil. It may be a result of a bad gasket, damaged parts, or a cracked oil pan.

Oil Pan and Valve Cover Gasket

The oil pan gasket is one of the spots where an oil leak occurs. This part of your car creates a seal between the engine block and the oil pan. The oil pan gasket needs replacement when the oil leaks.

Meanwhile, valve cover gaskets protect the parts inside the cylinder head. As its name suggests, this type of gasket will create a seal between the valve cover and the cylinder. The gasket will wear down eventually. It will become less effective in sealing off the oil. It needs replacement if you notice an oil leak.

Oil Drain Plug and Oil Filter

Oil filters need constant replacement. Meanwhile, auto specialists in Spring, Texas near Houston remove and reinstall the oil drain plug during an oil change. These parts are often tampered with and become a common source of oil leaks.

Timing Cover Gasket

Most vehicles use a timing cover to protect the timing chain. The timing cover gasket keeps the oil inside the timing cover. Just like other parts of a car, timing gasket covers wear down after several years. Oil starts to seep out when that happens. Sometimes, the problem is the cover itself and not the gasket. In any case, these components need replacement. Find an auto mechanic in Spring, Texas that can help.

Camshaft Seals

The engine contains camshafts, which help prevent oil from leaking out of the engine. You will see an oil leak at the back of the engine under the valve cover if the problem is with the camshaft. You need to bring your vehicle for an oil leak repair in Spring, Texas to fix the problem.

Can You Drive Your Vehicle With an Oil Leak?

You should never drive a vehicle with an oil leak. Oils are flammable and can create a fire under certain situations, which could destroy your car. Aside from that, oil leans may cause the rubber hoses and seals to wear down prematurely. Look for an automotive specialist who provides oil leak repair in Spring, Texas near Houston to replace these defective car parts.

A small leak may become a large leak as you drive your car that may damage the engine. Stop driving your car when you notice an oil leak. Contact an expert oil leak repair in Spring, TX near Houston to fix the oil leak and avoid further damage.

Is it Expensive to Fix an Oil Leak?

The cost of oil leak repairs and maintenance services depends on the cause of the problem. The automotive specialists you hire will also affect the price. Choose an auto repair shop like ABR Houston for affordable auto services.

Why Choose ABR Houston?

You will indeed find many shops offering oil leak repair in Spring, TX near Houston. Why should you choose ABR Houston? Our team of car specialists knows how to deal with oil leak repair in Spring, Texas. We provide different types of auto repair and comprehensive maintenance services.

We want to help you. It is one of the factors that separate us from others in Spring, TX near Houston. We aim to provide quality repairs, replacements, and maintenance services to all our clients regardless of what kind of car you have. We provide different services. They are engine building, oil change, air conditioning diagnostics, wheel alignment, to name a few.

Call ABR Houston at (832) 403-3906 if you need the best auto repair in Spring, Texas near Houston. You can also schedule an appointment online.



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